Be a Volunteer for your 2018 Texas Democratic Convention!

Volunteers will be helping to execute specific tasks for the convention.

Tasks include:

  • Wayfinders: Familiar with the layout of the facility, help direct and guide attendees to their events.
  • Accessibility Assistants: Ensure guests with disabilities are fully included in the Convention. Help them access resources to ensure they have what they need to fully participate and enjoy their experience.
  • Registration Attendants: Check in delegates and guests.
  • Information Booth: Assist attendees with whatever questions they may have about the Convention and the Center. The Information Booths will need to be staffed at all times during.
  • VIP Ushers: Escorts VIPs to their designated areas and check credentials for entry.
  • Convention Floor: Check credentials at the door and on the floor Friday afternoon and evening, as well as Saturday afternoon.
  • Convention Committees: Assist our Convention committees by carrying reports from the committee to and from the Convention Floor.